Climate & Ecology Bill

Tuesday 24th October 2023

At its October meeting Manningtree Town Council pledged its support for the Climate and Ecology Bill (formerly the CEE Bill), which is due for a second reading on 24 November. The Bill which has been written by scientists, experts and campaigners is seeking to address the full extent of the climate and nature crisis in line with the most-up-to date science. It is the only proposed legislation before the UK Parliament and if passed would require the UK Government to develop and achieve a new environmental strategy, which would include:
• Delivering a joined up environmental plan
• Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
• Reversing the decline in nature - the UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world
• Taking responsibility for our overseas footprint
• Prioritising nature is decision making
• Giving the British people a say in finding a fair way forward via a temporary, independent and representative Climate & Nature Assembly
The Bill is backed by 180 cross-party MPS and Peers and 237 local authorities, as well as the support of eminent scientists, Wildlife Trusts and the CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England).