Council Initiatives

Manningtree has a small council but it is busy and proactive. Here are some of the councillors' initiatives that have been achieved over the last few years:

Council Initiatives

What has your Council been working on?

November into December is an extremely busy month for all small Town and Parish Councils making sure the Remembrance Day Service is arranged on top of the councils' other duties. This past month we have been working on:

• The completion of the new Coastal Interpretation Board along the coastal path by the Co-op.
• The replacement of the benches and the broken bin on the Beach front - supported by The Business Chamber, Manningtree Rotary Club, the family of John Sage and the family of Maria Spears.
• A new bench is on order to replace the damaged one in front of Boots.
• There is a new lamppost on order to replace the Wherry Street damaged one. The residents, aided by Manningtree Town Council, Cllr Guiglielmi and Cllr Coley all helped to get this matter resolved.
• The road lines have been repainted in front of the flood gate on the quayside - we are hoping this will help to stop people from parking in front of the gates and blocking the access - again this was done with the support of Cllr Guglieilmi.
• The Manningtree Street Keepers have been very busy helping to keep the streets clear of litter and weeds this month they have focused on the slabbed area around Boots and towards the Co-op car park, the Manningtree end of Station Road, South Street and have weeded the new Wildlife Garden.
• We have replaced a broken street light in The Lane just off the High Street - it was reported to the council on the Monday and replaced by the Wednesday.
• We have also dealt with numerous questions and enquiries regarding allotment rental - unfortunately Manningtree do not have any allotments but our neighbouring parishes of Mistley and Lawford can help.
• We have awarded this years Community Engagement award to Rebecca Bibko for her efforts to help Manningtree on its path to become Plastic Free.
• We have been finalising our budget for the coming year to make sure that your Council is running as cost effectively as possible and making sure that we can be proactive in support of the Manningtree Community.
• Manningtree has been awarded the Plastic Free Community status by Surfers Against Sewage - huge thanks go to PACE Manningtree, The Wholefood Store, WINYL, Hobson's Deli and Café, The Red Lion, Stour Sailing Club, Harry's Web, Flowers by Toni, Manningtree Market, Manningtree District Business Chamber, Cargo Bike Manningtree, Ragmarsh Farm Shop and Butchers, Riverside Fish and Chips, Peach and Pippin, Mistley Fisheries, In Touch Community News, Lawford Parish Council, Atlas Autos Limited Used Cars, Mistley Parish Council, Fun with Fabrics, Stour Choral Society and Barry's Fish and Chips.

Do you want to make a difference in your community? There is one vacancy on the Council! Please contact the clerk (details above) if you wish to find out more.

With that being said Manningtree Town Council would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones.


  • Community Engagement Award;
  • Emergency Plan (with Lawford and Mistley Parish Councils);
  • Floral Manningtree and Love Where You Live Campaign;
  • H.M. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations (with Lawford and Mistley Parish Councils);
  • Three Parishes Family Fun at the Furze Biennial Event (with Lawford and Mistley Parish Councils).

Capital & Maintenance projects

  • Cycle racks in the High Street;
  • New Council website;
  • New lighting units;
  • New seating areas at Market Place, Brook Street, Station Road and Market Cross;
  • New town sign at The Walls;
  • Purchase of CCTV cameras in Brook Street via local sponsorship;
  • Purchase of sand for the beach;
  • Refurbishment of the Town's noticeboard;
  • Refurbishment of the War Memorial.

Highway projects

  • Condensing the town's road signage onto fewer posts currently being considered by ECC Highways;