Tendring District Council

Please visit Tendring District Council's website for more information on the services they offer: www.tendringdc.gov.uk

What day is the refuse collected?
The collection day for Manningtree is Tuesday. For more information telephone 01255 431620 or visit www.tendringdc.gov.uk/rubbish-and-recycling

How do I report an issue with the pond?
The pond is maintained by Tendring District Council who can be contacted on 01255 686868. Tendring District Council regularly give the pond an algae treatment to stop the growth of algae etc. The treatment can be blue or green and the colour can stay quite vivid for a while. It is completely harmless to the fish.

Are there public conveniences in Manningtree?
Yes, these are located at Market Place and they can be seen on this map, marked "WC". They are maintained by Tendring District Council.