Manningtree Town Council July 2022 Meeting

Monday 18th July 2022
Jennifer Spear - Clerk to Manningtree Town Council

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Full Town Council Meeting taking place at the Function Room at the Mistley Masonic Hall on South Steet CO11 1BG on Thursday 21st July, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend.

Jennifer Spear
Clerk to the Council 11th July 2022

Please note that this meeting is recorded for the purpose of minute taking. This record is destroyed as soon as the minutes are published.


07.22.74 To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence

07.22.75 To receive any Declarations of Interest

07.22.76 To note the resignation of Cllr Sharon Barker

07.22.77 Minutes of the 16th June 2022 meeting to be approved and signed.

07.22.78 Public Announcements
The next Police community Street Meet will take place at Manningtree Library on Wed 21st September between 10:30 and 11:30

07.22.79 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest

07.22.80 Reports from the District and County Councils - circulated prior to the meeting.

07.22.81 Report from Essex Police

07.22.82 Progress report from the Clerk

07.22.83 Reports from other committees and representatives
a) The "20 is plenty" working party
b) To nominate a Cllr as a liaison for the Street Keepers
c) To nominate a Council liason for PACE

07.22.84 To consider the following planning applications:
Les and Julie White
Chilterns, mill Lane Lawford Manningtree CO11 1DU - proposed removal of existing conservatory and replace with a single storey side and rear extension.

Ms Faye Barber
4 Lushington Road, Manningtree, Essex CO11 1EF - proposed loft conversion and dormer, rear single storey extension.

1 Alston Villas Stour Street Manningtree Essex - Proposed loft conversion with two rear dormers.

Tesco - High Street Manningtree - retrospective planning application for the new cooler, including adding acoustic panels to the sides.

8A South Street Manningtree Essex CO11 1BB - Discharge of conditions 3 (Roof details) and 5 (Dormer details) of application 21/00316/LBC.

59 South Street Manningtree Essex CO11 1BQ - Proposed alteration, improvement and extension to a grade 2 listed building, including a new outbuilding to the rear garden to provide off-street parking.

07.22.85 Planning Decisions
Mr Tim Adams
The Crown, 51 High Street Manningtree CO11 1AH - Proposed provision of tented structure over existing patio to provide covered external area for patrons.
Full Approval

07.22.86 To Discuss the Quay Street Intention Notice
The North Side of Quay Street, from a point approximately in line with the boundary of property numbers 8 and 9 Quay Street, eastwards for a distance of approximately 8 metres.
Effect of the Order: To Implement 'No Waiting at Any Time' restrictions on the following lengths of road in the District of Tendring.

07.22.87 Yew Tree Cottage - removal of the Yew Tree

07.22.88 To discuss ideas to increase school engagement

07.22.89 To discuss any potential projects for the ANOB working party

07.22.90 An update on plans for Remembrance

07.22.91 To discuss the possibility of a Manningtree Pride

07.22.92 To discuss creating a Climate Action Plan

07.22.93 To discuss becoming stakeholders in next years Earth Festival

07.22.94 Love Where you Live

07.22.95 To discuss an Environmental shelf being added in the library

07.22.96 Highways/Environment
a) To discuss the Manningtree Signs
b) To discuss the options for the replacement of the tree at the marketplace
c) An update on the Mural idea for the wall outside Jewsons
d) To discuss the Glysophate spraying that occurred in Manningtree
e) To discuss the increase of 'fly tipping' posters in the Town Centre

07.22.97 The Beach
a) Beach Toy Library
b) Suncream Dispenser

07.22.98 Finance
a) To review the monthly financial Bank Reconciliation
As at 30th May there was a total of £22,993.88 in both accounts.
b) To discuss renewing the Councils Membership with CVST - £25
b) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2022/23 budget - please see attached payment list - a total of £4,681.77

Payments Received:
a) £140.38 from Frating Parish Council - which comprises of 50% of the Post Box Cost and 50% of stationary costs (net)

07.22.99 To discuss this months - "What Has your council been doing this month?"
Suncream Dispenser

07.22.100 To consider whether resolutions from the current meeting have an impact on biodiversity

This section of the meeting is closed to the public (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, s 1 (1) g)
07.22.101 To discuss moving working together with the District and County Council

07.22.102 To discuss the report from District and County Councils

07.22.103 Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

07.22.104 To note date and time of the next meeting