Manningtree Town Council June Meeting

Monday 13th June 2022
Jennifer Spear - Clerk to Manningtree Town Council

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Full Town Council Meeting taking place at the Function Room at the Mistley Masonic Hall on South Steet CO11 1BG on Thursday 16th June, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend.

Jennifer Spear
Clerk to the Council 10th June 2022

Please note that this meeting is recorded for the purpose of minute taking. This record is destroyed as soon as the minutes are published.


06.22.52 To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence

06.22.53 To receive any Declarations of Interest

06.22.54 Minutes of the 19th May 2022 meeting to be approved and signed.

06.22.55 Public Announcements

06.22.56 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest

06.22.57 Reports from the District and County Councils - circulated prior to the meeting.

06.22.58 Report from Essex Police

06.22.59 Progress report from the Clerk

06.22.60 Reports from other committees and representatives

06.22.61 To consider the following planning applications:
(please visit TDC's website to look at planning applications to be considered, and if necessary and possible, visit the site before the meeting)

PROPOSAL: 1 No. Gleditsia - fell and remove roots.
LOCATION: 31 South Street Manningtree Essex CO11 1BG

06.22.62 Planning Decisions
Approval - Full
Delegated Decision Perlmutter 1 No. Elder - deadwood clean, 1 No. Walnut - lightly reduce to even up crown, 1 No. Birch crown lift by up to 2m, 1 No. Lawsons Cypress - remove, 2 No. Irish Yews - lightly shape, 1 No. English Yew by wall - trim into ball shape, 1 No. Yew - reduce and shape into ball, 1 No. Holly - top and start shaping into a ball.
Hill House
54 South Street
CO11 1BQ

Approval - Full
Delegated Decision Mr Jonathan Perlmutter 2 No. Large Sycamores - reduce un even side to balance up, crown lift one nearest house one furthest away from house reduce one side.
Hill House
54 South Street
CO11 1BQ

06.22.63 To discuss the Dementia Friendly Town Council Project

06.22.64 To discuss printing an information leaflet about the Street Keepers
06.22.65 To discuss Preliminary plans for this years Remembrance Service

06.22.66 To discuss the Suncream initiative, with the results of the survey carried out.

06.22.67 Highways/Environment
a) To discuss a possible "20 is plenty" policy
b) To discuss the National Grid proposal to reinforce high voltage electricity transmission network in East Anglia
c) To discuss the salt bag partnership
d) To discuss the possibility of a mural on the wall next to Jewsons.
e) To discuss the possible tree replacement at Market place.
f) To discuss the possibility of a brown bin at the Market place for the use of the Street Keepers.

06.22.68 The Beach
a) Beach Toy Library

06.22.69 Finance
a) To review the monthly financial Bank Reconciliation
As at 30th May there was a total of £22,993.88 in both accounts.
b) To approve and sign section One, Annual Governance Statement of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22
c) To approve and sign section two, accounting Statements of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021/22
d) To Discuss a donation to the Sailing Clubs Annual Regatta
e) To discuss the price rise for Microsoft office from £3.80 to £4.50
f) To discuss accepting the new insurance policy
g) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2022/23 budget - please see attached payment list - a total of £3091.01 to be paid.

Payments Received:
a) £200 from Manningtree District Business Chamber for the Jubilee

06.22.70 To discuss this month - "What Has your council been doing this month?"

06.22.71 To consider whether resolutions from the current meeting have an impact on carbon footprint and climate change

06.22.72 Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

06.22.73 To note date and time of the next meeting