Manningtree Town Council March Meeting

Tuesday 15th March 2022
Jennifer Spear - Clerk to Manningtree Town Council


03.22.313 To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence (1)

03.22.314 To receive any Declarations of Interest (1)

03.22.315 To consider the co option of the casual vacancy for Manningtree Town Council

03.22.315 Minutes of the 17th February 2022 meeting to be approved and signed. (3)

03.22.316 Public Announcements (3)
Whilst we as a Council, have not tabled a formal motion, I would like to suggest that we state we stand with the people of the Ukraine and wish for an end to the bloodshed of innocent people, in Ukraine and around the world.
Snapping the Stilletto walking trail is now live
Spring litter pick Sunday 20th March

03.22.317 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest (5)

03.22.318 Reports from the District and County Councils - circulated prior to the meeting.

03.22.319 Report from Essex Police

03.22.320 Progress report from the Clerk (5)

03.22.321 Reports from other committees and representatives (10)
a) Rainbows - to discuss the council supporting a request for the Lawford Rainbows to help at the wildlife garden
b) Library - to discuss a council/library initiative set up at the library on a Saturday in April to encourage more children/families in the ethos of the Councils green Agenda and Biodiversity.

03.22.322 To consider the following planning applications: (5)


Mrs Pru Green (Rear of building) 1 No. Conifer, 1 No. Strawberry Tree and 1 No. Cherry Tree. - fell to ground level. (Courtyard Garden) 1 No. Fig Tree - fell to ground level. 42 High Street
CO11 1AJ


Ms Heidi Bancroft
Proposed removal of existing conservatory and erection of new single storey side extension.
3 Lushington Road
CO11 1EE

03.22.323 Planning Decisions (7.5)

Approval - Full
Delegated Decision Perlmutter 2 No. Hollies - remove. Hill House
54 South Street
CO11 1BQ

Approval - Full
Delegated Decision Miss MacCormack 1 No. Norway Maple - further reduction of 1.5m. 42D High Street
CO11 1AJ

Approval - Full
Delegated Decision Perlmutter 1 No. Yew - remove. Hill House
54 South Street
CO11 1BQ

03.22.324 To discuss supporting the peaceful protest for Surfers against sewage (5)
a) Hi Vis Jackets

03.22.325 To discuss becoming a dementia friendly Council (5)

03.22.326 To discuss the Share my Table Scheme (5)

03.22.327 To discuss the annual meeting of the council (5)

03.22.238 To discuss a memorial for the victims of the Witch Hunt (5)

03.22.329 Highways/Environment
a) Co op parking (5)
b) To discuss the purchase of chalk paint for dog mess (3)
c) To discuss the possible replacement of the trees by the market place (5)
d) To discuss where the responsibility resides for the Market Place (5)
e) To discuss a proposed footpath map for Mistley, Manningtree and Lawford (5)
f) To discuss the loose cobbles outside of the Methodist church (3)

03.22.330 The Beach
a) To discuss the purchase or rental of a defibrillator for the beach (10)
b) To discuss the purchase of a hypothermia blanket for the beach (5)
c) To discuss the purchase of sand for the beach (5)
e) To discuss the addition of a new bench on the beach front area funded by a member of the public. (5)
f) To discuss Brooklands Primary school request to use the beach for their Beach days. (5)

03.22.331 Quay Street Management
Clerk is awaiting quotes for the pathway

a) To receive the monthly finance report and approve monthly bank reconciliation figures from February.
As at 09th March 2022 there is £100 in the Barclays Current account and £15,885.90 in the savings account (£15,985.90 total). (3)

b) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2021/22 budget (3)

Code Description Supplier Net VAT Total
Clerk Expenses Clerk Expenses Jennifer Spear 72.48 0.00 72.48
Clerk's Salary Clerk Salary Jennifer Spear 837.67 0.00 837.67
Clerk's Salary HMRC/NIC HMRC 4.80 0.00 4.80
Rent for Meeting Room Room Hire The Mistley Masonic Hall Company Ltd 20.00 0.00 20.00
Website Costs Office 365 Office 365 3.80 0.76 4.56
Website Costs Website Host Webfactory 14.99 3.00 17.99
Website Costs Scribe Annual Invoice Scribe 129.00 25.80 154.80
Public Lighting Street Lighting A&J Lighting Solutions 168.50 33.70 202.20
Training Training EALC 70.00 14.00 84.00
Training Maintenance Environmental Design 26.00 5.20 31.20
Sundries First Aid Kit Boots 20.00 0.00 20.00
Sundries Wildflower Seeds Meadow in My Garden 14.94 0.00 14.94
Total: 1,382.18 82.46 1,464.64

Payments Received:
£500 - ECC Grant for the Quayside Project

c) To discuss the cost of the purchase of a new dog waste bin (5)
d) To discuss increasing the donation to Mistley and Lawford's Jubilee Celebration (5)
e) To discuss the cost of hooks to be purchased for the Manningtree Mermaids (3)
f) To discuss a donation request from Hope for Tomorrow (3)
g) To discuss the Chairmans allowance (5)
h) To agree the purchase of candles (how many?), Pin badges (how many?), reflective cups for the candles (How many?), and candle lighters (how many?). (10)

i) This section of the meeting is closed to the public (Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960, s 1 (1) (3)
The new pay scales for 2021-22 have been agreed - formal agreement to adopt the new pay scales and back date the previous payments for the past year.

03.22.333 To discuss this months - "What Has your council been doing this month?" (3)

03.22.334 To consider whether resolutions from the current meeting have an impact on carbon footprint and climate change (3)

03.22.335 Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

03.22.336 To note date and time of the next meeting