The Manningtree Wildlife and Anniversary Garden

The Manningtree Wildlife and Anniversary Garden

Tuesday 18th January 2022
Jennifer Spear - Clerk to Manningtree Town Council

It has been our great pleasure at Manningtree Town Council to join with The Manningtree & District/Frankenberg Partnership Association, supported by the Manningtree Street Keepers under Cllr Sharon Barker, to unveil the new interpretation board at The Partnership Anniversary Garden.

This garden was the brainchild of Cllrs. Barker and Brown to help support garden wildlife in Manningtree, particularly in light of the biodiversity crisis. The Manningtree & District / Frankenberg Partnership Association helped to fund the creation of the garden and at the same time celebrate and mark 50 years of friendship between the peoples of the two communities. The Manningtree Street Keepers will look after the garden's maintenance and development as the seasons change, always bearing in mind the need to support wildlife and provide another pleasant area at Manningtree quayside for the community to enjoy.

Special thanks go to Manningtree Fire Fighters who kept the garden watered during the hottest months of 2021. The photographs of the wildlife were provided by Liz Cutting, so a thank you goes to Liz for those, also to Zak Pickering, the Managing Director of E-sign Media, for his help in designing and producing the sign, and to the members of Manningtree & District Frankenberg Association who funded it.

A huge thank you to The Manningtree Street Keepers who have dug, weeded, planted and spent hours working on the garden. They will now continue to look after and help the garden grow.