Latest Covid Breifing

Thursday 4th November 2021
Cllr Spence from Essex County Council, Chiar of the Essex Wide Health and Wellbeing Board

The following is the latest COVID briefing from Cllr Spence from ECC, Chair of the Essex wide Health and Wellbeing Board.

"I regret that my covid update this week reports a number of serious trends we are now seeing across the county, as set out below. All readers are asked to consider how they can help us strengthen the key messages - getting boosters, getting jabbed whatever your age, using common sense, and so on.

Case rates are rising more quickly now in all age groups across Essex. Currently the case rate is 440 per 100,000 per week which is a 38.9% increase from last week. We anticipate that the rate is going to continue to rise.

Rates are increasing in all age groups but are highest in the 10-19 age group which is currently 1,723 per 100 000 per week.

As previously stated, the increases are being seen across all age groups, but overall rates are lower as we reach into the over-60s and above - the groups with the highest levels of vaccination. We need to intensify our efforts to achieve high vaccinations among the younger age groups and, as a modest contribution to this process, a link to a video you can use is here:

There is an increase in the number of people in hospital with Covid with latest data showing 146 beds being occupied with people positive with Covid. We are also now seeing an increase in the number of ITU beds occupied by people with Covid - currently 36 beds. The numbers becoming very ill and needing care in hospital will be a key driver of any decisions to instigate a national Plan B. Hospital beds occupied by people with Covid is a balance of a) those admitted for something else who happen to have Covid, and b) those admitted because they are unwell with Covid. Both are liable to increase as cases rise but for the latter patients, who are at greater risk, there is a two-week delay.

Turning to vaccinations, we are keen to support the NHS in driving high levels of take-up for boosters and among teenagers. The latest information is:
• The first programme of visits to Essex secondary schools is due for completion today, but at this moment we do not have reliable data as to levels of take-up;
• On boosters, the NHS is now promoting a major communications campaign pointing to the large number of pharmacies etc where people can walk in for their boosters. We are asking that this information be provided by the NHS appointment service so that there is full link-up.
• There is surplus vaccine for first and second vaccines and for boosters across Essex;
• Each of our ICS partners has programmes in place to take the booster jabs to care home residents.