Manningtree Town Council October Meeting

Tuesday 19th October 2021
Jennifer Spear - Clerk to Manningtree Town Council

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Full Town Council Meeting taking place at the Methodist Church on Thursday, 21st October, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend.


10.21.66 To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence

10.21.67 To receive any Declarations of Interest

10.21.68 A minutes silence to be held in respect of Sir David Amess.

10.21.69 Minutes of the 16th September 2021 meeting to be approved and signed.

10.21.70 Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest

10.21.71 To discuss with Environmental Design the street weeding project and an update with regards to the glysophate.

10.21.72 Reports from the District and County Councils - circulated prior to the meeting.

10.21.73 Report from Essex Police

10.21.74 Progress report from the Clerk

10.21.75 Reports from other committees and representatives

10.21.76 To consider the following planning applications:
Week Ending: Application No. Applicant Propsal Location
17/09/2021 None Received
24/09/2021 21/01620/TCA
Mr Colin Daines 1. No Maple - pollard back to previous point Red House, 74 South Street,CO11 1DT
01/10/2021 21/01595/FULHH
Rowena Nelson Proposed first floor extension to rear 18 Brook Steet,CO11 1DR
08/10/2021 21/01708/TCA G & K Tree Services 1 No. Silver Birch - reduce by 30%, 1 No. Elderberry Fell, 1 No. fruit tree prune,reduce and shape shrubs Brantham House High Street CO11 1AJ
15/10/2021 None Received

10.21.77 Planning Decisions
Week Ending: Application No. Applicant Proposal Location
17/09/2021 No Determinations
24/09/2021 No Determinations
01/10/2021 21/01180/LBC
Steve Tattum Approved Change of use of a listed building from C3 residential to Class E (commercial Business & Service) 18 South Street CO11 1BB
08/10/2021 No Determinations
15/10/2021 21/01454/LBC
Mr Daniel Edwards - Patrick & Menzies Opticians Decorate exterior front elevation of property, installation of new hand painted signage to reflect new business owner 30 High Street CO11 1AJ

10.21.78 Highways/Environment

a) VAS Sign Price
b) Signpost down by the walls - arm facing the wrong way.
c) Really worn away bench down by Boots
d) Cigarette Butt Litter
e) The road underneath the railway Bridge
f) To Discuss the possibility of a memorial garden.

10.21.79 To discuss the cleaning of the mayoral chain and engraving of previous mayors' names to be added.

10.21.80 To finalise the details for Remembrance Sunday 14th November 2021

10.21.81 To discuss a possible move to the masonic lodge for future council meetings

10.21.82 To discuss Queens Platinum Jubilee Joint celebration

10.21.83 To discuss the new nomination form for future nominees of the Community Engagement Award.

10.21.84 To discuss times and details for the Christmas Fair November 27th

10.21.85 Finance
a) To receive the monthly finance report and approve monthly bank reconciliation figures from September.
b) Update - £40 received from Bradfield Parish Council from the shared printer cost.
c) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2021/22 budget
Date Payment Payee Net £ VAT£ Gross £ Description

21/10/2021 OP Environmental Design £96.00 £19.20 £115.20 Maintenance/Watering Sept
21/10/2021 OP Red Lion £60.00 £0.00 £60.00 Room Hire - Award Ceremony
21/10/2021 DD Mccafee Virus Sub Annual Payment £89.99 £0.00 £89.99 Annual virus protection laptop
21/10/2021 OP De'aths Bakery £30.00 £0.00 £30.00 Cakes for the award Ceremony
21/10/2021 OP EALC £70.00 £14.00 £84.00 New Clerk Course - Jennifer Spear
21/10/2021 OP EALC £70.00 £14.00 £84.00 Intro to planning - Jennifer Spear
21/10/2021 OP EALC £90.00 £18.00 £108.00 New Chairman Course Day 1 - Cllr Taylor
21/10/2021 OP EALC £90.00 £18.00 £108.00 New Chairman Course Day 2 - Cllr Taylor
21/10/2021 OP EALC £90.00 £18.00 £108.00 New Chairman Course Day 3 Cllr Taylor
21/10/2021 OP EALC £105.00 £21.00 £126.00 Climate Crises Course - Cllr Barker
21/10/2021 OP Eon £421.25 £21.06 £442.31 Electricity Street Lights
21/10/2021 CC £70.00 £14.00 £84.00 ID Cards, Lanyards & holders
15/10/2021 CC SLCC £173.50 £1.40 £174.90 Clerk Guide books and Manuels
21/10/2021 CC Office 365 £4.56 £0.00 £4.56 Website Hosting
25/09/2020 OP Jennifer Spear £896.52 £0.00 £896.52 Clerk Salary, Allowance & Expenses
25/09/2020 SO Webfactory £14.99 £3.00 £17.99 Website Hosting
£2,371.81 £161.66 £2,533.47

d) To discuss the donation for the Royal British Legion for the wreath
e) To arrange a date for the Finance Meeting for November

10.21.86 To consider whether resolutions from the current meeting have an impact on carbon footprint and climate change

10.21.87 Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

10.21.88 To note date and time of the next meeting