Manningtree Town Council Full Council Meeting Thursday 18th March 2021

Sunday 14th March 2021

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Full Town Council Meeting taking place virtually via Zoom on Thursday, 18th March, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend. Please e-mail the clerk at for the link and password.

Line Djuve-Wood
Clerk to the Council
13th March, 2021


1. To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of the full town council meeting held on the 18th February 2021 to be approved and signed

4. Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest

5. Reports from the District and County Councils

6. Report from Essex Police

7. Progress report from the Clerk

8. Reports from other committees and representatives

9. To consider the following planning applications (please visit TDC's website to look at planning applications to be considered, and if necessary and possible, visit the site before the meeting)
a) 21/00260/TCA, 1 No. Cherry - crown reduction up to 1.5 m, Red House, 74 South Street, Manningtree, CO11 1DT
b) 21/00291/NMA, Non-Material Amendment to Planning Permission ref: 18/00717/FUL (Construction of one dwelling with associated hardstanding) dated 26/06/2018. Amendments to single storey rear element and side fenestration, Stable Mews, Stour Street, Manningtree, CO11 1DH

10. Highways/Environment
a) To discuss design and content of ECC Coastal Interpretation Signboard
b) To discuss Quay Street Green buoy project
c) To discuss active measures to reduce idling cars in town
d) To consider quote from tree surgeon to trim two trees
e) To discuss replacement of dead tree on Quay Street Green

11. Constitution
a) To consider and approve Action Plan for 2021/22
b) To consider and approve Risk Management Scheme
c) To consider and approve Training Policy for staff and councillors
d) To consider and approve Community Engagement Policy
e) To consider and approve Grant Policy

12. To consider redesigning the Council's logo

13. Finance
a) To receive the monthly finance report and approve monthly bank reconciliation figures
b) To set a date for the next Finance Committee meeting
c) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2020/21 budget (to be circulated on the day prior to the meeting)

14. Consultations
a) To consider commenting on the Government's Protect Duty Consultation, Making the public safer at publicly accessible locations
b) To consider commenting on the Government's National Planning Policy Framework and National Model Design Code Consultation

15. To consider whether resolutions from the current meeting have an impact on carbon footprint and climate change

16. Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

17. To note date and time of the next meeting