Manningtree Town Council Full Council Meeting 16th July 2020

Sunday 12th July 2020

Members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the Full Town Council Meeting taking place virtually via Zoom on Thursday, 16th July, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of transacting the following business. Members of the press and public are welcome to attend. Please e-mail the clerk at for the link and password.


1. To receive and approve any Apologies for Absence

2. To receive any Declarations of Interest

3. Minutes of the full town council meeting held on the 18th June 2020 to be approved and signed

4. Public participation session with respect to items on the agenda and matters of mutual interest

5. Reports from the District and County Councils

6. Report from Essex Police

7. Progress report from the Clerk

8. Report from other committees and representatives

9. To consider the following planning applications
a) 20/00527/LBC, Extended first floor screen balustrade, infilling roof void with added walkover roof light, refurbishment of store to study/office with washroom adding French doors and removal of door for added windows, linked porch and screen balastrade over part courtyard. Timber pergola/frame to courtyard entrance/garden, 5 Stour Street, Manningtree
b) 20/00725/FUL, Proposed new roof lights, linked porch over part courtyard, removal/reposition of doors/windows providing new French doors/screen into courtyard and reinstatement of original fireplace, 40 High Street, Manningtree
c) 20/00793/TCA, 1. No Silver Birch - Re thin crown and bring sides in by 2m, 10 Oxford Road, Manningtree
d) 20/00795/TCA, 1 No. Judas Tree - Fell, 53 South Street, Manningtree
e) 20/00842/TCA, 1 Pittosporum - Prune, 31 Malthouse Road, Manningtree
f) 20/00868/TPO, 1 Sycamore - Re reduce by up to 2.5m. 2 Hollies - Reduce by up to 1m and trim, 35 Malthouse Road, Manningtree

10. Highways/Environment
a) To consider tonnage for Manningtree beach sand purchase
b) To consider proposals to make Manningtree a pesticide free town
c) To consider replacement plants for Quay Street tree
d) To consider locations and options for wildflower verges
e) To receive new ideas for the Swift awareness project
f) To consider pedestrianising areas of the town including South Street
g) To consider requesting that a sign be installed near the Manningtree Railway Station advertising Manningtree Beach
h) To consider ways of deterring motorists idling in the town centre
i) To set a date for the autumn litter pick
j) To consider Quay Street mural proposal

11. Constitution
a) To nominate a second representative for the cemetery committee

12. Policies and Procedures
a) To consider 'equality and diversity' and 'dignity at work' policies

13. To consider designs for the new noticeboard on library wall

14. To consider becoming a Dementia Friendly Community

15. To discuss parking and padlock issues Manningtree Market

16. Finance
a) To note the completion of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20 and dates set for the period for the exercise of public rights
b) To approve monthly bank reconciliation figures
c) To approve new payments in accordance with the 2020/21 budget

17. Items from councillors to be added to the next agenda

18. To note date and time of the next meeting